fox assingment Wednesday, Apr 18 2007 

FOX 1.   2. yes I  do think its good to have friends coz they help you when you need help 3. fox is described as  a flickering tongue of fire because he is sly and dangerous, dog and magpie are gentle  4. 

fox magpie dog
sly Gentle  brown
dangerous Black and white  blind
fast  lazzy  kind
 snake    friednly

5.     magpie feels scared around fox coz he keeps on staring at her. 6.     I think fox split up dog and magpie because he dose not care about friends and have any so that’s why he is mean  7. 


my goals for 2007 Wednesday, Apr 18 2007 

my goals for 2007 are to

to pay more attention in class

write alot more neater

and read more

“Jurassic Park” directed by steven speilberg based on the novel by Micheal Grichton Wednesday, Apr 18 2007 

why are the”experts” brought in by Hammond so horrified  about what has been done with Jurassic park:  the experts are so horrified because Hammond resserected the dinosaurs.

do you think that the experiments of recreating dinosaurs is morraly wrong?  i do not think that recreating dinosaurs is wrong, i think it is a good idea coz people can see the dinosaurs.

stormbreaker Sunday, Nov 12 2006 

i finished the book stormbreaker and it was really good

my journal Sunday, Nov 12 2006 

dear diary,

                today i was not not fealing well so i slept some more. i was asked by my mom if i wanted to go to school, isaid i would think about it whilst i as in the shower. i got out of the shower. i told my mum that i would go to school. i got ready for school then i wnet.

when i got to school i locked my bike up in the shed then i went to my locker and put my stuff in there. l heard rhe first bell my friends and i were still talking, the second bell went we then went to get our stuff, coz people were in my way i took a while. when in class we had english first my stomach felt like CRAP. we did some book work, we then had maths, my stomach felt like it was puking in side its slef. we did some more work on fractions. 

the bell went i put my books in my locker and then went out side me and my friends just bummed around

stormbreaker blog Sunday, Oct 8 2006 

the book im reading is stormbreaker. it is really good book to read, it is easy to read. this book is about a teenage boy who has just found out his uncle has just been killed by a car crash, he then wants to find out how he got killed. he then gets asked to become a spy                                                            

historical battle Monday, Sep 11 2006 

it is in the late 1762, i Sir John Tyler, am traveling by boat to Australia from London, to start a new life. it was a bright sunny day and the sea was calm, i heard a bang then another, then another. i went to the captain to tell him what i had just heard and he said to just foret about it. i turned around and saw a ship was following us and trying to ingnorei  it i went to sit on the deck and just enjoy the ride.

i woke in the middle of the night and heard a really lound bangs, then i heard something smash, it was the ship being hit by a cannon ball. i jumped out of bed and ran on to the deck to see what was going on. we had been attacked by pirates. i went to the captains cbin to tell him byt he already knew, he told me to go grab the steering wheel and tryed to get us away. it was dark and i could not see anythig, i did not how to steer a ship and for some reason we had stopped. the captain told me to wake the others up and to help fight. there were swords and guns in the cabin so we all grabbed them and to the deck to help the captain.

it was a long night and there were was the sound of swords being hit together and guns being shot. morning came and the battle wass still going on but we just used up the last of the gunpowder. our boat began to move again so tried to get away but the ship was starting to fill up with water and anoter  hole was made, it went straight throughand the ship began to sink. we had no choice, we abandoned ship,

some of us did not make it because they were pulled down with the ship, the rest of us found drift wood. we hung on looking for land waiting for help.

 then i woke up it was just a dream

welcome blog Sunday, Sep 3 2006 

hi welcome to my blog. in this you will read some of my stories.

Tuesday, Aug 22 2006 

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Monday, Jul 31 2006 

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